Why I took a three week sabbatical and why I am doing it again this year!

Do you feel exhausted all of the time?  Do you feel you are always on the go, always having some commitment either work, family or personal?  When is the last time you scheduled time for you to relax and take care of yourself?  Time for you to BE?  I bet it’s been quite awhile.  I was at that point about two years.  My job is Continue reading


Live Like We are on Vacation (part 2)

I started by asking my kids what they enjoy about going on vacation and here are some of their responses:

  • sleep in
  • relaxing, lack of busy schedule
  • going out to eat
  • read a book
  • being away from home
  • no chores
  • going to special places to do things
  • having fun with the family
  • experiencing new places and culture
  • being able to not do anything

Looking at the list helps me know what my family enjoys. In reality, we can’t do all of the things on the list, all the time. But in moderation, Continue reading

Katie’s Weekly Goals 4/22

Weekly Goals

Last week wasn’t too busy of a week. I was able to keep up on my weekly goals. I even finished some of my other goals and started bigger goals . I did great with freezer cooking! My freezer is quite stocked and that feels great! I work 10 hours days, so I need healthy prepared meals for those days. Continue reading