Tidbit Tuesday – Inspired by 25 Days of Christmas


This is not what I intended to post today, but Katie’s post on 25 Days of Christmas inspired me.

Although my kids are older and our Advent Calendar is very juvenile, when I pulled it out with the decorations they hung it up. On the first of December, the angel was taken out of the pouch and put in the sky. It made me realize that they still look forward to the Christmas traditions that we have.

I love the idea that I can pick and choose the activities that we do and can have them fit our family. Also, next year we can do of the same activities but also have totally new ones.

I looked for the frame that I had used for the photo booth at Payge’s birthday party but had no luck finding it. I decided… who needs a frame?!? Not me. I used string that I had in our decorations. I bought 5 packs of mini clothes pins that I found at Michaels for $1 a piece! I spent $5 in total on this project! It would have been a bit more but I had some Command hooks for decorating already.



I put 6 hook on our door to the basement. Then I tied string on the hooks. (Next year, I may use the hooks to make a Christmas Tree design with the string.) Then I cut out 25 green circles, wrote 1-25 on them. Then the hard part came. I wrote out my Christmas Bucket List and made the activities correspond with our schedule. For example, on a day that we have 3 basketball games, the activity was a simple one like make 5 paper snowflakes. On a day that we have the afternoon free, the activity is to make Christmas cookies.



This morning when the kids got up and noticed they were all very excited, even my older ones! This will be a tradition that we do for years to come. (Even when my children are out of the house, I will be making one that Greg and I will do together! It probably won’t make the blog 🙂 )

Hope this inspires you to continue to make family traditions and/or create new ones! Do you have any ideas that could be done with the 25 Days of Christmas?

Be Blessed!


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